Having Security Problems? What To Do At Your Commercial Property


If you have problems in your parking lot during third shift, and security is becoming a major concern, there are some things you want to take into consideration. You want to put security upgrades in your budget, so you can prepare for the costs you'll have, and so you are prepared to deal with funds that are needed. Here are some of the security updates you can make to improve things for your property and your workers.

IP Cameras with Motion Activation

IP cameras are video surveillance cameras that you can monitor from your home. These are ideal because you can watch them if you are in your office inside the building, away from the building at home, or you can have a security company watch the videos from a different location. Have these set up so you can see all angles of the property and the building.

Live Security Guards

Having live security guards driving around or walking around limits the amount of things people can get away with, and it makes people knowledgeable that there is someone else there. This makes people feel safer, and it allows you to have someone in the area if there is an incident that needs emergency attention or security guard attention. This could be one or more, and it may be good to have these inside and outside of your facility.

Not only could you have them monitoring the property at all times, but you can also hire a security company to be on call for times when there is an emergency. This means you have a contract with a company to come whenever you call with a problem.

Warning Signs

Have a variety of warning signs posted throughout the property about the criminal charges one may face because of trespassing, because of theft, and for being on the property without permission. You should also warn everyone that they are on camera so they know they will be caught for any actions that they take.

There are a lot of different professionals that can offer security guard services to you when you have security concerns. You'll want to talk with the different companies in your area to see what the cost will be to have a live person on your property, and to see what it will cost to get cameras installed throughout the exterior of your commercial property, including the parking lot.


25 January 2017

Creating A More Secure Business

I have always been one of those people who loves to get involved with business, but a few years ago, I realized that my company had a few security problems. We were losing a lot of money to shoplifting, and it seemed like every time I turned around another employee decided to steal from us. I started thinking about ways to make things better, and so I started focusing on creating a more secure business. This blog is all about working with security teams, making positive changes to your business, and avoiding the kinds of debilitating losses that can come from theft.