Areas to Target on an Assailant with Your Monkey Fist


If you're looking for a self-defense item that you can carry when you're walking alone at night, a monkey fist can be the answer. This small device typically consists of a heavy metal ball wrapped inside an outer layer of cord with a short lanyard also made of cord; people often use their monkey fist as a key chain that doubles as a self-defense tool. You can easily carry this device in your pocket or simply concealed in your hand so that it's ready for use if you're targeted by an assailant. While attempting to strike the assailant around the head and face may be your initial instinct, there are several other areas that you can target to quickly incapacitate your assailant, allowing you to make your escape. Here are some choices.

Groin and Surrounding Areas

The groin is a heavily effective area to target with a monkey fist. The mass of this object, combined with the speed at which you can swing it, can deliver a painful shot to this sensitive area. You don't have to worry about having perfect aim—if you happen to miss the groin area, you may land a blow on the upper thigh or lower abdomen, and this could still be painful enough to stagger your assailant and give you a chance to escape.


If your assailant is lunging at you, their arms will likely be elevated. This may provide some protection for their face, but it leaves their ribs completely open. Swing your monkey fist with your dominant hand at the ribs on the closest side of the assailant's body. The ribs are a highly sensitive zone, and a clean shot should cause the assailant to recoil and drop their hands out of instinct. This can result in the assailant losing their grasp on you, giving you a chance to quickly retreat from the danger area.

Hands or Wrists

An assailant who is attempting to grab you or is otherwise threatening you with their hands means that the hands and the wrists are within range of your monkey fist. The numerous small bones in this area means that you can cause severe pain with a clean blow of your self-defense tool. Someone thrusting their hands aggressively at you and who takes a shot on the hands or wrists will definitely pull themselves back out of the danger zone, giving you more space to consider a follow-up swing of your device or run to a window through which to escape.

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26 January 2017

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