What Can You Do To Secure Your Construction Site?


Vandalism and theft can take a heavy toll on your construction project's budget. Each setback from an incident can even lead to costly delays that leave your company scrambling for the funds to complete the project. Fortunately, there are steps you can take from day one to make your construction site more secure.  

Hire Security Guards

One of the most overlooked methods of securing a construction site is to hire security guards. Security guards are not just for protecting the finished product. They can be key in ensuring that none of your equipment or other materials walk off from the site. They can also help stop vandals in their tracks.  

When hiring security guards, you can choose to do the hiring yourself or contract with a security firm. If you contract with a security firm, the guards have been pre-screened and are trained and ready to secure your site from day one. You will not be tasked with keeping up with payroll or taxes and you can focus on keeping your project on task. For more information, contact companies like Azios Security Consultants.

Increase the Lighting

Even with a competent security staff in place, you still need to ensure that the site is well-lit. During the off-hours, you can use a combination of lighting systems, including motion detectors, to deter vandals and burglars from walking onto your site.  

The increase in lighting also helps to ensure that your surveillance cameras pick up the images of anyone that does walk onto your site. If there is a robbery or vandalism, you will have clear images to provide to police.  

Lock Up Equipment

Ideally, your crew should be locking up all equipment at the end of the day. Before starting the project, create a list of lock-up tasks that should be completed and review it with each worker. To increase accountability for locking up the equipment, each worker should be required to sign off on the list to show that he or she ensured that the locks were secured.  

Larger equipment, such as cars, should be fitted with kill switches. A hidden switch can disable the vehicles and prevent criminals from driving away with them. If possible, consider fitting them with tracking devices as added protection. 

Protecting your construction site can take some time, but it is worth it. Not only will your equipment be safe, but you can avoid incidents that could lead to delays. Work with a security expert to identify other ways you can make your site more secure. 


30 January 2017

Creating A More Secure Business

I have always been one of those people who loves to get involved with business, but a few years ago, I realized that my company had a few security problems. We were losing a lot of money to shoplifting, and it seemed like every time I turned around another employee decided to steal from us. I started thinking about ways to make things better, and so I started focusing on creating a more secure business. This blog is all about working with security teams, making positive changes to your business, and avoiding the kinds of debilitating losses that can come from theft.