Advice for Survivors of Domestic Violence to Feel Safer by Employing Foolproof Security Measures


You can take steps to get to safety after experiencing domestic violence, but many survivors are still left feeling vulnerable even after years have past. Part of their anxiety stems from not knowing how, if or when their abusers are ever going to find them and resume abusive behaviors. You can learn self defense, alert your neighbors and buy a guard dog, but true peace of mind lies in knowing that you have taken every measure possible to stay safe. These next valuable pieces of advice can give you the reassurance you need that you can always feel safe in your home after escaping from your abuser.

Constantly Monitor Your Home

Surveying your home environment doesn't require you to hire a personal armed guard, but it does mean that you should be aware of your surroundings, especially while home. Whether you live in a multi dwelling apartment building or a home out in the countryside, around-the-clock surveillance combined with video verification can prevent anyone from gaining access to you or your home without your consent. Prior to answering the door for a repair service professional or even an anticipated package delivery, always use video verification to visually see and confirm who you are about to open your front door to.

Develop A Good Rapport With Local Authorities

If you have an active restraining order, be sure to mention all of your concerns when notifying the local authorities about your current order of protection. There may be a liaison available that can help you to impose appropriate security measures that will leave you feeling more safe at home and while traveling in the community. Officers from the local police department may even suggest surveillance and video verification as a means of coming in contact with visitors to your home, only after you have verified that they are who they say they are.

Have An Emergency Escape Plan In Place

In order to feel safe, you must also know that you will be able to remove yourself from any kind of dangerous situation that may arise at home as soon as possible. Knowing that you might have a neighbor who is usually home will aid you in letting down your guard a bit, and becoming more reliant on the strong security steps you have taken to make your home completely safe. Whether you have chosen your home because there are numerous doors and windows that you can easily access, or because you have moved across the street from a police station, just be sure that you are able to sleep well at night without doubting that your surroundings are being defended at all times.


1 February 2017

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