Benefits Of Investing In Some Golf Carts For Your Security Company Patrols


If you run a security company that has officers contracted out to different organizations, it's always a good idea to consider what investments you can make in improving your security force. Proper training is always important, but the gear that your guards take on patrol can be critical. One such tool is a golf cart outfitted with security-centric accessories. While having golf carts in your fleet doesn't replace foot patrols, the availability of this vehicle can be hugely helpful for officers as they perform their daily duties. Here are some benefits of investing in golf carts for your security company.

Covering A Large Area

When your security guards need to cover a large area, getting from one location to another can often be a challenge. For example, if they're on patrol in one part of a property and get a call about an issue several hundred yards away, they'll routinely have to run this distance — and may be fatigued upon arriving on the scene. Having a golf cart immediately allows your security personnel to cover a larger area, which can help them get to the scene quicker. Additionally, golf carts may mean that fewer officers need to patrol a given area, which can be cost effective for the organization that has hired your company.

Carrying Necessary Tools

Security officers carry a variety of tools while on patrol, but are often limited by what they can hang from their belts or strap to their bodies. Security guards still need to be quick and agile, so carrying a surplus of items can often be a challenge. A golf cart instantly allows a security duo to carry more items that they may need while on patrol. Whether it's a large first aid kit to help someone in distress or even helmets and other protective gear that they can don upon encountering a violent scene, they'll have these items close at hand in their golf cart.

Transporting People In Need

Sometimes, your security officers will encounter someone who needs assistance and cannot effectively move on his or her own. While you can wait for paramedics to arrive, your officers can be more proactive if they have a golf cart. For example, if a person has fallen and appears to have broken his or her leg, your officers can load the person into the golf cart and travel to an area where they can meet an ambulance. This is especially valuable in areas where there are spots that road vehicles can't reach.

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26 January 2018

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